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mapping can deliver performance improvements and cost benefits

Developed originally by The Royal Mail to enhance and streamline postal delivery, Postcodes and Postcode geography have evolved to form an integral part of business planning as an established reference point throughout the United Kingdom.


It may look simple, but a Postcode is probably the most accurate way to identify a location. A familiar and widely used reference, it provides routing instructions for the delivery of mail and pinpoints on average just 15 addresses. For over 25 years, Royal Mail has supplied Geoplan with the latest Postcode information, which is used in all Geoplan products to ensure customers are working with the most recent and relevant information on the market.

About Postcodes


This is normally to accommodate new building development - housing estates, business parks, etc. this results in an area with no free Postcodes to allocate. The Postcode changes affect many aspects of business analysis, so Postcode products and business data need to be kept up-to-date to maintain their effectiveness.


Geoplan Postcode products are the most accurate, reliable and trusted on the market today. Our entire range is updated in line with each Postcode release. Geoplan uses the latest Royal Mail Postcode information in all of its mapping products. With regular Postcode updates from Royal Mail, we can ensure that businesses are working with the most up-to-date information available.


The Postcode helps pinpoint addresses more accurately. If the Postcode or part of the Postcode is missing, then the item may need extra sorting time which can be up to 20 times slower than sorting by machine. If any part of a Postcode is wrong the item might be sent country wide before reaching its proper destination. This can also affect the distribution of your products, your services or your marketing message.


Geoplan is experienced in dealing with the ever changing Postcode geography, and in helping businesses to get the best from Postcode data.

Download our guide to postcodes (PDF format, 1.7Mb)