Re-designing 300 Field Sales Territories across the UK, in a 4 week timeframe, resulted in a reduction in costs in the Sales Function of 9% and an increase in Sales Revenues per Field Sales person of 20%.....

The Problem

In December 2014, following significant change within the business, and with an emphasis on a return to growth, Yell wanted to revisit the balance of work across the Field Sales representatives in the UK. A combination of an imbalance of work across the teams, and limited visibility with regards to prospects, translated into untapped potential revenue opportunities.

Yell needed to be able to: 

  • Effect an overall Field Sales Territory re-design by Christmas, optimising the territories by balancing the workload through even distribution of customers and prospects.
  • Illustrate market opportunities by territory to the Field Sales teams, to engender confidence in the new structure, through use of hot spot mapping (e.g. high value prospects vs customers).
  • Provide training and support to the Market Planning function, to transfer the capability to maintain the Field Sales Territory structure going forwards.

The Solution

Time was a critical success factor for the project and results were required quickly. To meet this objective, Yell utilised a combination of Geoplan's consultancy services and online mapping solutions.

Yell needed circa 300 territories based on specific data and criteria provided (e.g. visit duration, work days, conversion rates etc.) with the ability to illustrate the 'before' and 'after' position.

Geoplan and Yell created the network through close consultation, and Geoplan supported Yell with on-site regional engagement and feedback with the Field Sales team. This ensured that feedback from the field was captured and fed into the process (e.g. best employee fit, business rules around the City of London).

Geoplan delivered the project in 4 weeks, with the results deployed in Geoplan's cloud-based mapping system, SKiN, ensuring immediate access to the Market Planning team.

The Benefits

The level of engagement within the Field Sales team throughout the project meant that the new Territory Structure was well received, and adopted readily. In the early stages of roll out, queries and requests for changes from the field were responded to quickly by Geoplan's consultants, to maintain a positive drive and momentum with the Sales and Marketing teams. This approach made the change management aspect of the project much easier.

The approach has enabled Yell to:

  • Reduce the costs of the Sales function by 9%.
  • Increase Revenue per Field Sales person by 20% - delivered through increasing the number of visits a person could make, and providing a more balanced workload in the territory.
  • Prioritise higher value prospect calls, increasing the potential to secure more valuable business, and more of this type of business.
  • Engage Yell's sales force and management team in the potential market opportunity. The mapping and reporting functionality helped address some of the perceptions with 'fact-based' discussions.
  • Create a win-win scenario! Sales management have the capability to meet and exceed targets with improved territory planning and the business is able to get a better ROI from the sales force by recusing costs and increasing revenues.
  • Plan to provide each Field Sales person with access to SKiN so that they can view the opportunities within their territory and manage their operational activity as effectively and efficiently as possible.

How we can help you?

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Yell specialises in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) be found by customers looking for specific products and services. Their origins lie in the iconic printed directory products, with new products and services helping SMEs compete in a digital world with a product range of online marketing solutions ansd websites.

Geoplan has worked with Yell for over 20 years, delivering mapping solutions to a range of functions within the busines, from Field and Tele Sales, to Marketing and Customer Services.

Geoplan Factfile

Task: Point of Sale Planning

"Yell had a very aggressive timeline to completely redesign our field sales territories within a 4 week period. Geoplan clearly demonstrated they had market leading software to meet our needs as well as highly skilled consultants to help us through the process. The project team from Geoplan were brilliant, highly knowledgeable and went the extra mile to deliver over and above our expectations. The strong support we received helped us to keep our internal stakeholders and the sales force fully engaged throughout the process. We couldn't have asked for a better end result - we've reduced our costs as well as increased sales revenue through increased sales productivity. I would strongly recommend Geoplan to anyone undertaking this sort of project."

Mark Clisby
Head of Commercial Marketing at Yell
9 June 2015

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