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A bespoke GeoAnalyser solution was purchased, complete with a tailored delivery route optimiser, bespoke scripting, detailed census data, Geopoint XT and Map Output Module.
Product Development Corporation
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Media & Publishing
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Distribution Planning
Delivery Round Management and Creation

Product Development Corporation UK provides a specialised distribution service. With over sixty years of experience, PDC has evolved into a highly efficient distribution and data management company offering the highest quality services in Door to Door Distribution,Customer Targeting, Database Management and Customer Service. Currently distributing in excess of 250 million directories, leaflets, catalogues, magazines as well as many other items throughout the world, PDC offers a complete range of services from address management to hand delivery of large items to any business or residential address in the UK.

The Problem

Product Development Corporation has worked with Geoplan since 1996 and initially established contact looking for a combination of software and data which would create manageable delivery rounds.

In an industry where costs must be tightly controlled and customer expectation is high; PDC required a solution that would define the delivery rounds using a quick and efficient process inclusive of a batch printing process in order to be more competitive for the end user. In almost all cases, PDC would need to tender for new business quickly detailing how many field staff would be required and thus calculate the costs.

The solution needed to optimise territories and for those territories to be highly accurate; the system would therefore need to emulate that in terms of input data.

Dependent on the requirement, PDC could also be asked to define a round based on the demographic profile of the area so they needed data to support the requirement.

The Solution

A bespoke GeoAnalyser solution was purchased, complete with a tailored delivery route optimiser, bespoke scripting, detailed census data, Geopoint XT and Map Output Module.

The above solution is now used to apportion manageable and equal-sized routes to their distributors. Maps are batch produced for each round showing the postcode centroid (colour coded), the route number and the associated streets.

PDC operate at a high level of accuracy, and Geopoint XT Unit Postcode Dataset is therefore imperative for this type of usage. With an accuracy of 1 metre on average the data provides significant benefit and is of high importance in this process to ensure that the territories and delivery rounds are accurate.

PDC currently use three bespoke scripts, one for the Batch Printing of delivery routes and the other for the Postcode Sector Optimisation of their delivery routes based upon counts of residential and non-residential delivery points.

The Benefits

  • Strong Selling Point to clients.
  • Allows round restructuring for efficiency and cost reduction.
  • Ability to remove waste from the traditional method of round creation and increase productivity.
  • Increased return on investment.
  • Excellent support, personal account team and complete confidence in the accuracy and recency of the source data.
  • Generate a higher return for clients based on accurate targeting, resulting in increased confidence and repeat revenue for PDC.
Geoplan have worked with PDC since 1996. A partnership which has developed due to Geoplan having the necessary in-house skills to service our sector in a dedicated, professional and exemplary manner.
Alan Bell
Business Systems Manager
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