Geoplan software would easily produce the results we were after and could be utilised for more detailed studies in the future if we wished.

The Problem

Aprilia UK decided recently that the timing may now be appropriate to investigate mapping products for more operational planning of dealer locations and understanding performance.

Two key initiatives needed addressing - "where should they place the dealers" linked to an overarching objective to understand and increase dealer performance, using the as a catalyst for action.

"We realised in 2007 we had no idea which dealers sold which bikes into which Postcodes. The additional problem was one of dealer targeting, with no scientific thought behind area performance.

The Solution

Geoplan GeoAnalyser has been introduced for use by the Dealer Development Manager along with Motorcycle Industry registration figures and competitor location data-sets. Geoplan's unique territory analysis functions have helped Aprilia in understanding where their customers are, analyse performance in a given territory, define optimum dealer locations, define 'open points' and optimise territory structure.

Geoplan consultancy was employed to generate a 'current' view for Aprilia dealers, and Geoplan were then able to train the Aprilia team on how to review, adjust, and add to the dealer network. Aprilia are also able to review performance by dealer or Postcode and review industry performance on a monthly basis via a preset range of heat maps and charts.

"The solution was to allocate dealers territories and to set targets based on the local market. The training provided has been second to none I have called a few times for technical help and it has been pleasantly and swiftly provided, a service level that gives us confidence to recommend Geoplan to the rest of the company."

The Benefits

This analysis had lead ultimately to allowing Aprilia to identify areas of overlap, waste and opportunity, enabling them to reduce cost and improve sales performance and return.

How we can help you?

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Aprilia is Europe's second largest producer of motorcycles and scooters and the only non-Japanese manufacturer with a complete range of two wheeled vehicles.

Aprilia's sales network boasts 192 official dealers and 1480 authorised sales outlets in Italy. Aprilia also owns 4 foreign subsidiaries, in Croatia, Greece, USA and Japan, and 4 selling agencies (UK, France, Spain, Germany). Aprilia machines are sold in another 24 countries worldwide via a network of exclusive importers who supply 1,800 dealers.

Geoplan Factfile

Sector: Vehicle Sales

Task: Dealer Location and Performance Monitoring

We have now been using GeoAnalyser for six months and are very pleased with it. We have bought additional data for the Aprilia installation and the Vespa side of the business wants its own installation too now. We have shown the system to our colleagues in Italy and they were very impressed to the extent that I now have to show the system to my colleagues in other countries too. We examined various examples of mapping software and many would have done the job. We chose Geoplan and GeoAnalyser because it was a program that was easy and instinctive to use, would easily produce the results we were after and could be utilised for more detailed studies in the future if we wished. It was expandable, easy to understand and the results were easy to interpret for presentations. We were also convinced of the integrity of Geoplan and their willingness to understand our problems and produce a solution. While the program may be off the shelf, the solution was bespoke.
Ian Wilson
Dealer Development Manager - Aprilia UK

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