"The insight and precision we were able to demonstrate to them with StreetFinder turned a 10,000 leaflet campaign into a 20,000 leaflet campaign..."

The Problem

CK Leafleting receive a large number of enquiries from clients based around postcode-specific requirements, and while local knowledge and long term experience is an advantage in planning where leaflets should and shouldn’t go, being able to provide accurate illustrations of postcode boundaries and demographics is becoming essential.

Having used traditional paper-based maps to plan and implement campaigns for many years, they began to look for a more tailored method which would allow them to build on their reputation for quality. They turned to Geoplan for advice on how to raise the level of campaign planning for themselves, and in turn, the entire leafleting industry.

The Solution

StreetFinder was developed by Geoplan specifically for the door-to-door distribution industry. It displays street-level mapping and Royal Mail postcode address data to allow businesses such as CK Leafleting to plan, cost and implement delivery rounds in a simple and visual way. It provides high quality maps, accurate with the most up-to-date information, which allow users to target their campaigns using specific demographic data for residential or business needs.

As CK Leafleting move from campaign planning to implementation, they print delivery maps for each of their individual distributors using StreetFinder, giving them precise details about where to deliver. By adding GPS tracking of deliveries to their services, Isaacs believes he has enabled his clients to benefit from improvements to the service at every stage.

“There is a different mindset among clients, who understand that they can apply a very high degree of precision to their leafleting which compares very well to their other marketing channels.”

The Benefits

  • Increased efficiency through more accurate demographic insight
  • Reduction in wastage
  • Increased credibility when meeting clients

How we can help you?

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Established in 2005, CK Leafleting is the leading leaflet distribution company in the Staffordshire area. Employing 15 full-time staff, CK Leafleting has the ability to deliver over 170,000 items each week.

Our use of StreetFinder has made a very significant bottom line impact on the business. One of our clients is the housing department of a local authority, who wanted to have leaflets delivered to a very specific demographic within a very mixed area. The insight and precision we were able to demonstrate to them with StreetFinder turned a 10,000 leaflet campaign into a 20,000 leaflet campaign - we have benefited from the extra business and the council reached more relevant people. StreetFinder has been integral to our success and growth, and has enabled us to develop our positioning as a high quality leaflet distribution business with complete confidence. I would like to think that we are helping to improve the reputation of our industry as well and help more businesses to consider the options which well targeted leafleting can offer.
Phillip Isaacs
Managing Director

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