"Geoplan provide support as and when required and we are very pleased with the service provided."

The Problem

Our client needed to be able to define delivery rounds to organise the clothes collections across the UK.

The rounds would need to factor in the number of residential delivery counts to give collectors achievable workloads, based on a manageable number of addresses.

Importantly, the system needed to be capable of producing clear, easy to read maps, such that the collectors would be able to focus their efforts on the task in hand, rather than deciphering a blurred map.

Last but not least, our client told us that they would benefit from calculating the cost of the round by factoring in the walk rate, and rate of pay.

The Solution

StreetFinder was selected as the ideal solution for Clothesaid given that it was designed specifically for the door to door industry.

Complete with address information for the UK and the ability to create, modify and save multiple delivery rounds; our client found the system to be hugely effective and it was not long before they expanded the number of licences in use.

StreetFinder allows users to calculate the cost of the delivery round and provides the ability to include or exclude a street based on the penetration of tenure types or dwelling types, dependent on the client request or experience of an area.

The solution is provided complete with TeleAtlas Mapbase as standard however the system is fully compatible with alternatives such as Ordnance Survey StreetView or A-Z as preferred.

The Benefits

  • Significant time savings provided by batch map production and ability reuse saved routes and/or modify from a saved template.
  • Fully licenced use of the maps and permission to reproduce as required.
  • Professional and high quality solution for use during pitches.
  • Allows users to combine experience with geographically accurate information; offers reassurance for the customer.

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Clothesaid is the UK's leading clothing collection agent fundraising for charity. For the past ten years, Clothesaid have collected unwanted clothing and textiles on behalf of their charity partners all across the UK. Their experience and hard work has helped to raise to date over £4.15 million for UK charities.

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Task: Delivery Round Creation

We have found StreetFinder to be of significant value to our operations and the return on investment is clear. Geoplan provide support as and when required and we are very pleased with the service provided.

Jakki Taylor
Licensing Manager

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