StreetFinder delivers significant business benefit and in turn, a clear return on investment for JogPost.

The Problem

JogPost needed a reliable and accurate solution which would allow them to create delivery rounds across London.

The solution would need to be professional for use during pitches as well as function as a key operational tool within the business.

Given the company ethos, JogPost were keen to select a solution that would maximum operational efficiency and reduce repetitive activity with regards to map creation and production.

It was also imperative that the solution be capable of highlighting the percentage of owner occupied or council premises on a street.

Likewise, they needed to understand if a street mostly contained terrace houses, semi or detached to accurately apply a cost to the job based on the time required to serve the round.

The Solution

JogPost selected the Geoplan StreetFinder solution to deliver against their objectives.

StreetFinder is simple to use with no training required, and is accurate and up to date. These factors combined, ensure that the solution fulfils its purpose during pitch situations and continues to meet the business needs on a daily basis.

From an operational perspective, targeting is improved with reference to residential and business counts, supported by penetration figures for dwelling type and tenure.

In addition to the above, significant time and money has been saved by automating the process and removing the need for laborious manual report production, data cutting, map drawing and production.

Essentially, StreetFinder creates a seamless process that generates all the information and outputs necessary to secure, plan, cost, implement and control the job.


The Benefits

  • Increased Return on Investment.
  • Significant time saving tool operationally.
  • Improve the quality of the map and report output for use at point of sale, in planning and in the field.
  • Benefits associated with the potential for repeat business when used as a professional aid during pitches.
  • Use of UK wide accurate industry specific information.
  • Bi-Annual Updates for the system and unlimited technical support.

How we can help you?

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JogPost is a direct marketing company that specialises in leaflet and media distribution.

They are the only leaflet distribution company that employs runners to deliver marketing material; and the only company to employ full time non-distributing supervisors to ensure the job is done properly.

The company is centred on the concept that faster deliveries ensure higher margins, allowing them to provide their clients with not only low prices, but also a superior service.

Consistently achieving as much as three times the response of other companies, JogPost have retained every single customer they’ve ever won.

With an environmentally sustainable approach, JogPost replant all of the trees used in the manufacture of their clients marketing media.

Geoplan Factfile

Task: Round Creation and Map Production

StreetFinder delivers significant business benefit and in turn, a clear return on investment for JogPost. We are proud to say that we use the innovative solution as an integral part of our operations; and Geoplan are always supportive and customer focused.
JJ Harding
Director of Operations and Business Development

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