"The positive benefits of performing this analysis in-house have been very cost effective..."

The Problem

The client had moved to a new headquarters building located on the A4 and this had involved the relocation of 3,000 staff from three other offices. A transport policy had been put in place to ensure that all employees had reasonable means of getting to the new offices, that parking spaces were correctly allocated, cycle lock-ups ordered, taxi and shuttle bus services between offices organised and a 'car-share initiative' established.

Whilst the company already had a comprehensive database containing employees and contractors address and postcode details (as well as other information on car ownership, department worked in etc) it had no way of utilising the information in a co-ordinated way, and therefore optimising the objectives of the transport policy.

The Solution

Initially, Geoplan GeoAnalyser allowed the client to see, at a national level, the distribution of where its employees and contractors travelled from, to the new headquarters. A second map showed the distribution for a concentrated area around the new headquarters.

An analysis was performed to measure the number and percentage of employees and contractors falling within 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20 miles of the new offices. The analysis demonstrated that in terms of employee proximity, the new headquarters actually provided an easier commute than the company's previous offices. This provided statistical evidence to support the relocation decision.

An additional analysis identified all employees living within 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes drive time from the new office and the travel time function calibrated to represent road speeds at peak times. This allowed the client to check peoples claims of how long the journey took them and to manage more effectively a travel benefits scheme which provided assistance for personnel living over 1 hour's drive from the office.

Finally a database of employees interested in a car sharing initiative was mapped. It was then easy to spot where people could possibly be introduced to each other to car share, thereby further easing potential parking problems at the new offices.

The Benefits

Whilst providing very simple maps and analysis, the client was very pleased with the results and the systems.

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One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and medical research companies.

Geoplan Factfile

Sector: Pharmaceuticals

Task: Contractor / Employee Distribution Analysis

The positive benefits of performing this analysis in-house have been very cost effective - a similar result would have cost £6,000 to £8,000 as a one-off if we had employed a transportation consultant to produce them. The system has already paid for itself as a result of the work we have done and the results we have obtained over a very short period.

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