"...the solution continues to be used by the Guardian Field Sales Force for targeting and call planning and also adds value for ad hoc analysis as required."

The Problem

Guardian needed to be able to produce detailed maps of retailers to obtain a thorough overview of circulation.

This was intended to support Sales Representatives who needed an increased level of support with sales call planning and visualising the retailers within a given area. In addition, there was a requirement to show their respective Territories inclusive of the circulation figures and additional retailer information.

Furthermore, the solution would need to establish patterns of edition sales at any particular snapshot of time, and also provide ad hoc analysis for a number of different departments such as the demographic make up of the population in areas of strong paper sales.

The Solution

Guardian opted for the GeoAnalyser Solution alongside MapViewer as a means of carrying out the initial retail analysis, before distributing the maps digitally.

MapViewer offers a new and cost-effective way of distributing data and analysis to end users, putting the ability to view and print maps into the hands of other team members, particularly useful for Guardian e.g. sales representatives.

The administrator also has the ability to restrict the view for the respective recipient, and retain map templates to receive new data feeds ideal for monthly updates and reports.

Used on a weekly basis, the solution continues to be used by the Guardian Field Sales Force for targeting and call planning and also adds value for ad hoc analysis as required.

Demographic, Nationality and Media data are also used on a frequent basis within the core GeoAnalyser solution, in order to provide deeper insight into the target audience and ensure that the supply emulates demand.

The Benefits

  • Increased efficiency associated with the sales call planning.
  • Reduced waste given the increased visibility of retailer locations.
  • Reduced cost of distribution as a result of the digital MapViewer.
  • Time saving associated with Guardian specific Map Templates.
  • Increased sales by ensuring that supply meets demand.
  • Ability to undertake trend analysis.

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Guardian News & Media (GNM) is the core division of Guardian Media Group. It publishes the Group’s flagship national newspapers – the Guardian and the Observer – as well as the Guardian.co.uk website. GNM also operates a number of other titles and businesses.

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