"Our Geoplan solution has provided an immediate and sustained return on investment and now serves as an integral part of our planning process."

The Problem

AVC Group contacted Geoplan in early 2010 searching for way to improve their resource planning process.

This particular team needed to structure work for 70-100 field based engineers in the most efficient way possible. The existing process relied upon hard copy maps and whilst this was a functional approach; it was also laborious and took far more time than was preferable.

AVC Group needed a cost effective and intuitive way to illustrate the business problem, and to achieve this, they settled on the Geoplan Expert solution.

The Solution

Over a period of 18 months, AVC Group has become more and more satisfied with the Geoplan Expert and the associated benefits and now a total of 13 licenses’ are used within the resource planning team.

The team is able to plot visits and instruct engineers supported by accurate data, easy to use functionality and full layer control. Rather than spending time locating sites on a wall map, users use the zoom functionality to identify the location (Postcode, Town or Street) quickly and efficiently.

This has resulted in a time saving across the team of 4.5 hours per day or approximately 1,080 hours across the year. In short, the resource planning team now have 144 days across the year, which they can use supporting the business in other areas.

The Benefits

  • Easy to use.
  • Significant Time Savings.
  • Increases Efficiency associated with visits as well as the process to generate the visits.
  • Reduces Trainee impact as the process is intuitive so less training required.

How we can help you?

See how Geoplan mapping software and services can help you optimise territories and maximise your return. If you are interested, just call to speak to an Account Manager on +44(0)1423 569538.

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AVC Group is a leading global services company, delivering an end-to-end capability across a broad range of specialist areas covering Digital Media, IT Services, Two-way Broadband, Renewable Energy, Electrical Recycling, Facilities Services, Defence & Security and Trade Counter.

AVC Group has a team of over 2,000 multi-skilled engineers supported by a national infrastructure comprising of UK based operations; training and customer care centres, logistics and warehousing.

Geoplan Factfile

Task: Resource Management

Our Geoplan solution has provided an immediate and sustained return on investment and now serves as an integral part of our planning process. The time saving has significantly exceeded our initial expectations.
Paul Lombari

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