"Working with Industry Standard data gives us confidence in the resulting output."

The Problem

CSC's client, Royal Mail, had a need to use the Postcode system and Boundaries across a range of business functions such as operations and work allocation, display of customer growth and decline Information and in support of Postcode Sector re-codes.

Royal Mail needed to use a dataset that covered the UK and was linked to Postcodes by Polygons.

The Solution

Use of Geoplan Pro Sector Boundaries within all Mapping Services provided by CSC to Royal Mail enabled a link to the data supplied by Royal Mail held in the table of Postcode Sectors.

This allowed CSC to use the Geoplan data in ESRI ArcView to visually colour code the Polygons in such a way that a Planning Team within Royal Mail can quickly see the information in a simple manner. It also allows the Planning Team to easily see the impact of changes as new information becomes available.

The Geoplan Postcode Sector boundaries are central to the Royal Mail operations and used as part of the ongoing maintenance of the boundaries for Royal Mail and the market in general.

The Benefits

  • As part of a Mapping & Spatial Analysis Service used by departments within Royal Mail, Geoplan Pro Postcode Sector Boundaries is one of the standard datasets used by CSC.
  • The data is straightforward to install and use and has the flexibility to be used in different scenarios.
  • Enabled the Sales & Marketing and Planning teams to easily see the information visually, enabling them to plan their future campaigns, identify areas of focus and see impacts of change and new information.
  • Use of the Geoplan Pro Postcode Sector boundary file means Royal Mail benefits from more efficient operations and improved first time allocation of mail and workload to the field.
  • High potential return on investment.

How we can help you?

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We have worked with Geoplan for many years and always found both the product and service to be of high quality. Working with Industry Standard data gives us confidence in the resulting output.

Robin Bagnall
Product Specialist – CSC

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