"The company now has a system that allows quick, easy and effective call and area planning using Geoplan GeoAnalyser software and its own database."

The Problem

The company needed to improve its allocation of work to engineers - in particular, daily planning, holiday and absence cover. They needed a way of allocating calls to engineers geographically, and to schedule urgent and emergency calls. Another key task was to be able to create territories from postal areas, previously done using a paper map, a large report, felt-tip pens and a notepad.

The Solution

Geoplan software was initially introduced at the company's Yorkshire office, an average sized operation with 92 engineers. A computerised booking system that utilises the Postcode to locate each customer was implemented.

For call allocation, a macro loads the daily calls from the database. The operator enters a Postcode and the system checks to see which territory the call is located in, immediately displaying the diary of the engineer assigned to that area. Engineer calls can be mapped-out, and a 'flash report' can be made for any call by clicking on the map. This shows all details for the call, allowing calls to be quickly reallocated if required, based on distance, workload, urgency etc.

To create the territories the company now uses Geoplan GeoAnalyser, allowing the operator to quickly and easily create areas by simply clicking on the map. The effect of any changes on the entire network can be seen immediately.

The Benefits

The company now has a system that allows quick, easy and effective call and area planning using Geoplan GeoAnalyser software and its own database. A spokesperson outlined the kind of improvement the implementation of Geoplan GeoAnalyser has brought to the business.

Now, the service company has implemented multiple copies of Geoplan GeoAnalyser into its service offices, and is also utilising DDE connectivity to produce a seamless integration of Geoplan GeoAnalyser and its database.

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An electrical service company comprising five well-known brands uses Geoplan software extensively.

It has the largest engineer base in Europe, and offers a service that is second to none even providing a same or next day service to emergency customers.

The company covers eight million homes through its 13 service offices and 1,200 engineers, making around two million service visits each year.

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Sector: Construction

...What used to take a whole day can now be done in just an hour! It gives us an edge.

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