Geoplan delivered a Web-Based Mapping Solution which allows the creation, viewing, organization and management of courier rounds.

The Problem

Hermes required a way of shifting the day to day management of the courier network back into the field, and to provide Field Management with visibility of the network structure, with the ability to reallocate postcodes from one round to another.

The Hermes courier network is based on postcode units, meaning it is extremely granular and subject to large amounts of change. Hermes work with approximately 10,000 couriers across 1.8 million postcode units.

Previously, courier rounds were manually created and updated using a desktop system by a central user. This was a time consuming process and hard copy maps which were then produced could not be manipulated and were soon out of date. In addition, the system didn’t work to full unit postcode geography making it difficult to know territory make-up accurately.

Hermes also required a management information tool to optimize rounds, network plan and assess ‘what if?’ scenarios.

The Solution

Hermes opted for a Web-Based Mapping Solution which allows the creation, viewing, organization and management of courier rounds.

The system has been developed specifically for Hermes, and comprises the three following elements:

  1. Viewing tool – for Field Management to visualize their territories and courier rounds.
  2. Planning/Operations tool – for Field Management to make changes to their territory structure and submit these for approval.
  3. Scenario Planning tool – to allow the Central Operations team to optimize and model wide-scale changes to the territory structure in order to identify efficiency gains.

Essentially, the system allows the 200 Field Managers to provide local, tactical input into the operational planning process, and provide the Hermes Operations team with the ability to assess ‘what if?’ scenarios. Any proposed changes the Field Manager makes can be approved by a central user in a few minutes.

The Benefits

  • Operational savings, cutting expenses and delivery costs.
  • Improved service performance.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Improved courier retention.
  • Reliance on human expertise eliminated.
  • Provides holistic view of courier network.
  • Proactive management of rounds for different scenarios (peak planning).
  • Reduced non-covered areas and increase first attempt deliveries.
  • Avoid re-handling costs where postcodes are misallocated.  
  • 100% of the network can be reviewed and updated multiple times, in any given year.
  • The online system can be accessed in the field via iPads.
  • Changes to the network are automatically updated and reflected on the system on a daily basis.

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Hermes is the UK's leading consumer delivery specialist handling more than 190 million collections and deliveries each year. Hermes provides a range of delivery solutions including over 3000 Parcelshops and a network of nearly 10,000 lifestyle couriers who provide doorstep delivery.

Hermes works with a wide range of leading high street, catalogue and online retailers in the UK including Next Directory, sit-up channels, ASOS, QVC, Tesco, John Lewis, New Look, Debenhams, Arcadia Group, JD Williams, Damart, Lakeland Limited and M&M Direct.

Geoplan Factfile

Sector: Distribution

Task: Territory Management

As the business continues to grow we have had to make significant changes to our network structure. The tool has been invaluable in this process and the ability to visualise and identify anomalies is great.
Graham Platt
M.I. Analyst

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