"The Geoplan XT Unit Postcode Boundaries are a good representation of Postcode data and we would not hesitate to recommend Geoplan and their products to other users."

The Challenge

JBA Consulting identified that a number of their clients such as Insurance companies required insight into flood mapping; however they did not necessarily have access to a GIS solution in-house.

At that stage, JBA were simply licensing digital flood map layers as part of the JBA Comprehensive Flood Map and decided that for those users without a GIS, a postcode summary would be useful to give context. With that in mind JBA elected to create a new product based on postcode information as part of their flood mapping. The JBA Comprehensive Flood Map provides users with data for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

For the insurance organisations in particular, the impact associated with Flood analysis was hugely significant. The accuracy of the boundary data would be of critical importance to define premiums and any policy conditions based on their location.

The Solution

JBA Consulting initially became aware of the Geoplan XT Postcode Unit Boundaries through an existing client. This connection enabled them to witness the accuracy and quality of the data in action and the positive recommendation provided instant confidence in the dataset.

The Geoplan XT Unit Postcode Boundary data product contains the latest Postcode geography and is the UK industry standard for Postcode accuracy and integrity.

Creating by tessellating individual address records from ADDRESS-POINT®, the data is combined with Ordnance Survey's large scale vector mapping and Geoplan Postcode Sector geography. The data can be used for market analysis applications, including resource allocation, site or crime analysis, as well as the management of sales territory structures and of course Flood Risk Management in this case. The resulting JBA product(s) are issued as text files of the postcode geography with an aggregated score based on the analysis of flooding. Through the use of the Geopoint XT Unit Postcode Boundaries, JBA are now able to provide clients with high quality, reliable analysis derived from this premium dataset.

The Result

Through the use of the Geoplan XT Postcode Unit Boundaries, JBA Consulting have benefited as follows:

  • Ability to serve industry sectors such as insurance and property with relevant and commercially valuable analysis for mutual business benefit.
  • High Return on Investment by avoiding waste and discrepancies associated with the results.
  • The data is reported by JBA Consulting as being straightforward to install and use; with the flexibility to be used in different scenarios.
  • The data solution has enabled the end users of the analysis to determine accurate and reliable boundaries, enabling them to serve their client base, thus minimising the commercial impact associated with flood risk.
  • Takes analysis and decision making to a new level, and at the same time, reduces discrepancies between real world situations and the geographic modeling previously undertaken.

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JBA was founded in 1995 and is one of the UK's leading specialists in flood risk & environmental management.

JBA also have a well respected presence in Engineering, Water, Software Development, Risk Management. 

The Association of Consultancy & Engineering (ACE) and New Civil Engineer (NCE) magazine have recognised JBA Consulting’s success this year with the prestigious Consultant of the Year Award for 2010.

Geoplan Factfile

Sector: Finance & Insurance

We are pleased with the service that we have received from Geoplan. They have been helpful answering any queries we made and their response time was good. The Geoplan XT Unit Postcode Boundaries are a good representation of Postcode data and we would not hesitate to recommend Geoplan and their products to other users. Use of the data can reduce flood losses by around 10% on the current level. This figure is comprised of reduced numbers of claims, correct premiums being charged for customers with flood risk, reduced reinsurance premiums and possible reductions in referrals to underwriters and more automated processes.
Vanessa Balmbra
Senior Analyst

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