"The real benefits gained by KMUK by using the system have been quite considerable..."

The Problem

Required ability to map vehicle registration and warranty data at district level for franchise areas and competitor analysis etc. Also required visual representation of MCIA sale and warranty data and ability to build monthly report packs for individual dealers.

"We needed to provide our dealer network with information that they would easily be able to understand which would in turn help them develop their own businesses."

The Solution

Geoplan GeoAnalyser plus Distribution Module and MapViewer enables Kawasaki to focus on core processes involved in managing ongoing dealer development, specifically:

  • How to divide and re-allocate open points.
  • Generate open points and cut underlying geography.
  • Identify target dealers with reference to MCIA / warranty data.
  • De-duplication of competitor files into one definitive source.
  • Generation of key thematic overlays (competitors and pump in / pump out).
  • Market share pie charts.
  • Assembly of dealer report packs.

"GeoAnalyser has enabled us to visually demonstrate what is actually occurring in the market place and within a dealers trading territory. The GIS system has also allowed KMUK to be much more methodical when looking to appoint new dealers."

The Benefits

This analysis had lead ultimately to allowing Kawasaki to identify areas of overlap, waste and opportunity, enabling them to reduce cost and improve sales performance and return.

How we can help you?

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ATVs, Motorcycles on and off road, Utility Vehicles, Watercraft and Power Products are just some of the unique consumer products that have made the Kawasaki brand a household name around the world.

The secret of Kawasaki's success is in designing and manufacturing products that offer balanced performance, high quality, reliability and excellent fit and finish.

Geoplan Factfile

Sector: Vehicle Sales

Task: Territory Planning and Dealer Locating / Performance Monitoring

The real benefits gained by KMUK by using the system have been quite considerable, KMUK has been able to conduct various types of in-depth types of analysis of the market in a considerably shorter time scale than prior to using the system. It has also allowed us to understand the data that we use in a completely different light in terms of future dealer development.The service that has been provided by Geoplan has always been extremely professional. Any technical support issues that have arisen have always been resolved promptly, even when the support has been of a bespoke nature. Training provided by Geoplan has always been very comprehensive and has enabled the trainee to come away feeling that it has been specifically geared for the individual.
Ahsan Nabi
Sales & Market Analyst - Kawasaki Motors UK

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