"We work closely with our designated team at Geoplan and remain very satisfied with the support and advice that we receive as part of our ongoing relationship."

The Problem

Kumon Educational UK needed to expand and strengthen Franchise Development Plans across the UK. To do so, they planned to accomplish the following:

  • Obtain a better understanding of the current markets surrounding existing study centres.
  • Provide insight for potential sites for future expansion.
  • Given the size of the UK market, they also needed an automated function to generate a list of potential study centres on a two yearly basis.

As part of the above and to avoid assessing a catchment based solely on the number of students in the area. They needed a way to assess the overall ‘potential’ by factoring in the geodemographic profile of the area. Additional aspects would also need to be included such as:

  • The length of time parents would be willing to drive their children to attend class.
  • Address Data and information to show the locations of nearby sports centres, libraries and schools etc.

The Solution

In 2006 Kumon Educational UK opted for the GeoAnalyser as an integral aid to their sites analysis and operational management.

GeoAnalyser promised to deliver a greater return on investment through powerful mapping capabilities, custom development and tailored functionality bespoke to Kumon Educational UK. All of the above supported by Geoplan Support.

Through to the present day, the solution ensures that the system administrators can map current centres, students and instructors by subject, assess current market share and determine the ‘potential’ in a given area. In addition, the solution ensures users can examine local lead generators and promotional opportunities and analyse trends in the market.

Automated aspects of the system designed for Franchise Recruitment Managers ensure geodemographic profiles can be generated with minimal training and a series of Kumon Educational UK specific reports are generated at the touch of a button.

The Benefits

  • Streamlined routines to aid recall of key processes and to ensure focus is on production of timely and accurate results.
  • Easy identification of gaps in coverage.
  • Improved geographical efficiency of site selection.
  • Tailored to specific tasks and objectives.
  • Designed to deliver immediate results, thus providing rapid payback.
  • Return on investment and reduction of waste.

How we can help you?

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Kumon Educational UK is one of the largest private educational establishments in the world and is still growing.

There are currently 4.2 million children studying Kumon in 46 countries and regions worldwide.

In addition to the UK and Japan, Kumon Educational is well established in the USA, China, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Germany and Spain

Geoplan Factfile

Sector: Franchise & Retail

Task: Market and Site Analysis

Our custom designed solution allows us to develop financially viable and well targeted expansion plans across the UK; whilst aiding franchise development. We work closely with our designated team at Geoplan and remain very satisfied with the support and advice that we receive as part of our ongoing relationship.
Lloyd Muhammad 
Central Franchise Project Manager

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