A ‘semi-dynamic’ Map of the repairer network has been created using image files and is uploaded onto the internal internet system for employee access.

The Problem

This organisation has a network of 108 repairers and the core focus of the Technical Services Department Team is to manage this network.

The client required a solution that enabled the Team to manage the coverage and capacity of each repairer against the volume of potential claims.

The Team needed a quick and easy way to monitor performance, make changes to the network based on activity, thereby ensuring the implementation of an efficient and cost effective network.

In addition, for the home insurance market, they needed to be able to identify those areas of the UK situated in locations of increased flood risk.

The Solution

The Geoplan GeoAnalyser was initially used to map each repairer territory at Postcode District level. Thereafter, this System has been used on a daily basis to manage this network, enabling adjustment to deal with fluctuations in workload and capacity.

The System is also used to match claims to repairers and to identify the closest alternatives and for scenario planning.

The following outputs are generated by the GeoAnalyser:

  • Printed wall Maps which are displayed in the office to support Esure telesales operators.
  • Postcode-to-territory lists.
  • Thematic Maps to show the number of policies in areas of significant flood risk.
  • A ‘semi-dynamic’ Map of the repairer network which has been created using image files and which is uploaded onto the internal internet system for employee access.

The Benefits

Our client continues to obtain the following benefits from the Geoplan GeoAnalyser:

  • Reduced cost and increased efficiency of repair work allocation across network.
  • Improved customer service levels.
  • Quick and simple generation and manipulation of repairer network maps.
  • Ability to scenario plan for strategy changes – visualise the effects.

How we can help you?

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This organisation offer s competitive insurance cover for drivers and homeowners, using the internet as the primary sales channel.

The key principal behind the approach is to harness the efficiency of the internet to deliver cost savings to responsible drivers and homeowners. Customers can also purchase travel and pet insurance.

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Sector: Finance & Insurance

Task: Network Control

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