"Geoplan provide an efficient service, producing accurate data on time, every time."

The Problem

Ordnance Survey needed to bridge a gap in the marketplace and produce Unit Postcode boundaries of a suitable accuracy, as required by a number of government agencies.

Given the rise in demand and increase in GIS skills and technology, Ordnance Survey set about creating a superior dataset that would be based on address level data rather than existing competitor postcode unit equivalents.

The capability and skill of in-house resource at the time, would not allow for the processing of such a vast quantity of raw data components in order to form the product required.

As such, Ordnance Survey entrusted Geoplan with the creation of the product. Integral to the file was the need to build the file with reference to industry standard postcode geography - owned by Geoplan.

The Solution

Geoplan assessed the problem and provided a cost effective, robust and high quality solution.

Geoplan was integral to the design and specification of the polygons that are part of the Code-Point with Polygons product. In addition, software tools such as boundary creation using tessellation techniques, spatial analysis between differing geographies and Quality Assurances procedures added significant value.

The strict quality assurance process ensured that the integrity of the product could be relied upon and whilst the initial contract was for 3 years, the partnership has now run for 10 years. Geoplan has consistently delivered to time, quality and budget whilst adding value over and above the contractual requirements. Ensuring that the Ordnance Survey need in the marketplace is met and generating sales revenue in the process.

Ordnance Survey polygons are now used across a number of industries, and provided in a range of formats.

The Benefits

  • High Quality Data Solution
  • Right first time, to budget and to schedule- every time ensuring high confidence for Ordnance Survey and associated Partners.
  • Increased Revenues from the creation of the product aided by cost effective creation with low impact on internal resource.
  • Customers and partners of Ordnance Survey are able to use the data to help take analysis to a higher level.

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Ordnance Survey is Great Britain's national mapping agency, providing the most accurate and up-to-date geographic data, relied on by the government, business and individuals.

The relationship began in 1984 with Geoplan becoming an Ordnance Survey partner and later assisting in the creation of ADDRESS-POINT in 1990.

Geoplan were well placed to assist, as the owner of the definitive Postcode Sector file - used by the Royal Mail.

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Task: New Product Development

Geoplan provide an efficient service, producing accurate data on time, every time.
Huw Banks
Cartographic Production Manager

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