"The system is intuitive, the maps are aesthetically pleasing and we can always call support if we need to."

The Problem

PBD Consulting were working on a project with a long standing client; and they needed to establish a relationship with a reliable and professional organisation who could supply the geographical analysis required.

The client needed to understand the demographic profile for given areas to identify which sites would be most suitable for store openings.

To support the above using geography already in use by the client, they also required a way in which to match ward boundaries to the more frequently maintained Postcode Sector geography.

The Solution

Geoplan Advanced Mapping Software was selected in order to undertake the demographic analysis using the 50 census variables available, to establish the profile of the sites in question.

PBD Consulting were able to define catchments based on radius or drivetime and overlay the relevant census variable thematically to generate a map that would support decision making and essentially establish which site would be most profitable longer term.

Geoplan were able to add a bespoke element to the solution to include Ward Boundaries in the Advanced solution as an additional element. A bespoke look up table was also created to match the ward boundaries to the Postcode Sector Geography thus translating the information to a geography that would be more useful in the longer term for all stakeholders.

The Benefits

  • Professional and accurate results when time is limited.
  • One off consultancy to minimise the impact on in house resource whilst producing the required results.
  • Increased efficiency associated with the end result.
  • Reduction in waste associated with the current process.
  • Benefit of Geoplan Industry Standard Data.

How we can help you?

See how Geoplan mapping software and services can help you optimise territories and maximise your return. If you are interested, just call to speak to an Account Manager on +44(0)1423 569538.

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Established in 1979, PBD Consulting is a small boutique business intelligence consultancy based in St James’ focusing on Commercial Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions, and Market Opportunity Studies & Entry Strategies for financial and corporate clients.

Geoplan Factfile

Task: Demographic Analysis

We have found the Geoplan Advanced and derived output to be invaluable in terms of making recommendations to our clients. The system is intuitive, the maps are aesthetically pleasing and we can always call support if we need to. We also have access to a wealth of demographic data which adds significant value.
Celina Burnett
PBD Consulting

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