Enhanced use of Postcodes by businesses for planning and strategic operations has generated additional revenue for Royal Mail.

The Problem

The Postcode system, originally introduced to speed up mail deliveries is now used for a range of applications. Everything from insurance premiums to satellite navigation systems rely on the Postcode system.

Increasing demands on the system meant that Royal Mail needed to convert the Postcode Boundaries held in paper map form, into a digital file.

The Solution

Royal Mail entered into an agreement with Geoplan to facilitate the production of the Postcode Boundaries in digital form, through the transfer of established Geography held in paper maps, onto a mainframe.

As an expert in the field, Geoplan was best placed to deliver the project in terms of quality, accuracy and time-scale. Working with Geoplan to carry out the work meant low impact and fastest turnaround for Royal Mail. The project was delivered right first time, to budget and schedule, ensuring absolute confidence for Royal Mail, its internal operations and associated partners.

Through the years the file has been improved and transferred to a standard PC environment, available in all standard GIS formats. Geoplan has maintained the file since the original project was commissioned and create a new version bi-annually. To this day, the Geoplan Postcode Sector Boundary file is probably the most accurate product of its type on the market.

The Benefits

  • High quality flagship Postcode Sector, District and Area Boundary data product enabling Royal Mail to manage maps digitally within their GIS systems, in support of day to day operations and coverage information.
  • Use of the Postcode boundary file means Royal Mail benefit from more efficient operations and improved first time allocation of mail and workload to the field.
  • Enables management of resources and pricing decisions.
  • Enhanced use of Postcodes by businesses for planning and strategic operations has generated additional revenue for Royal Mail.

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Royal Mail has a tradition of service stretching back over 360 years. A great public service pedigree, with centuries of innovation and industry makes the Royal Mail business what it is today.

The Royal Mail brands are some of the most trusted household names and include Royal Mail letters and packing service, including mail data tools, online shopping, Royal Mail stamps and wholesale services' a separate company within the Royal Mail Group operating around 12,000 branches across the UK, making it the largest retail and financial services chain in the UK.

Parcelforce Worldwide express parcels business delivering around 150,000 parcels per day worldwide; and General Logistics Systems – European partner of Parcelforce, handling over 1 million parcels per day from its 667 depots.

Geoplan Factfile

Sector: Distribution

Task: Digital display of Postcode Boundaries

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