The system uses a database to provide data and map rendering services. This is injected with data from the host system so that up-to-date monthly sales data can be displayed.

The Problem

Shire Pharmaceuticals already used the Geoplan MapViewer system that facilitates market, product and competitive analysis for Shire products and those of its competitors.

Shire Pharmaceutical sought the solution initially as they needed the ability to focus on key tasks such as geographical mapping of healthcare data including product sales, ROI, sales versus activity/effort and visual performance of territories.

The system needed to allow users or pharmaceutical representatives in this case, to open, view and print maps provided by a colleague with minimal training requirements.

Shire Pharmaceuticals needed this system to move towards a consolidated code base, take the system Online, a consistent user experience and simplified support structure, whilst enabling the Shire Administrators the same level of flexibility currently available within the desktop based administrator system.

The Solution

The Online MapViewer system is a development of the existing GeoAnalyser MapViewer system that Shire has been using for the past three years.

It takes the concept of a navigable map, capable of displaying user-selected layers of geographical layers, chosen from a set of key layers determined by a system administrator and makes it available as an online application which can be used over a local network or the Internet. Analysis is carried out at RSA Brick Level, using PCA and SHA Boundaries among other layers to inform decision making.

The system uses a database to provide data and map rendering services. This is injected with data from the host system so that up-to-date monthly sales data can be displayed.

A set of administrative utilities allows the system administrators to choose the data that can be shown on the map from the data available in the database, dependent on hierarchy or role.

The Benefits

  • Increased return on investment
  • Consolidated code base
  • Simplified Support Structure.
  • Reduced wastage.
  • Reduced Cost of Desktop System Deployment.
  • Reduce resource required.
  • Improved operational efficiency

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Shire Pharmaceuticals is a rapidly growing global specialty biopharmaceutical company.

Shire has a global sales and marketing infrastructure with a broad portfolio of products, such as Shire Human Genetic Therapies (HGT) business, pursuing opportunities for patients suffering from Fabry disease, Hunter syndrome, Gaucher disease, hereditary angioedema, and metachromatic leukodystrophy.

Through the Specialty Pharma business, meanwhile, an innovative portfolio of treatments is developed and distributed for patients with ADHD, ulcerative colitis, and endstage renal disease.

Geoplan Factfile

Sector: Pharmaceuticals

Task: Market / Product and Competitor Analysis

Geoplan MapViewer Online is an integral tool for our organisation and provides us with the intelligence to react to market challenges and opportunities.
David Milne
Associate Director, Sales Analytics & Reporting International Commercial Operations - Shire PLC

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