"It is hard to imagine life without Geoplan Expert."

The Problem

In the early days of operation, paper maps were used to allocate each franchise an area. This meant large maps had to be ordered which were bulky, difficult to handle and not practical for a fast growing company like TaxAssist Accountants. It also means guessing at the population of a particular Postcode District.

The Solution

Geoplan Expert was chosen because it offered a simple yet effective system of recording each franchisee's territory, and for obtaining statistics about that area.

The Benefits

A manager from Tax Assist Accountants commented on the usefulness of the Geoplan software and the effect on the companies output. See testimonial below. 

How we can help you?

See how Geoplan mapping software and services can help you optimise territories and maximise your return. If you are interested, just call to speak to an Account Manager on +44(0)1423 569538.

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TaxAssist Accountants is a tax and accountancy franchise, founded in 1995. Over the years it has grown considerably to a network of160 operations throughout the UK.

Each TaxAssist Accountant works in a territory of Postcode Districts, which total approximately 125,000 people.

Geoplan Factfile

Sector: Finance & Insurance

It is hard to imagine life without Geoplan Expert. When dealing with telephone enquiries I can move about the map quickly, zooming in and out as necessary, searching by town, street or Postcode. I can also add and remove features to the map including roads, airports, rivers, forests and even streets. The data, such as population per Postcode District and Sector is invaluable for us. It has many features, making the day-to-day recording and monitoring of a large network quick and easy.

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