GeoAnalyser continues to support scenario planning for TDG (UK) Ltd and allows full connectivity to all enterprise databases.

The Problem

TDG (UK) Ltd were looking to source a solution that would factor in weight by ton, and outbase locations to help optimise resource and reduce current levels of waste.

Often, delivery days for the various materials were determined by customer profile and frequency preference. Acknowledging the importance of these factors, the modelling process also needed to consider the most efficient deployment of resource to reduce waste and satisfy client objectives as required with respect to reduction of CO² emissions, as well as cost etc.

Previously TDG (UK) Ltd had attempted to use specialised routing and scheduling optimisation software, to deliver the above results and this was found to be a laborious, costly process in terms of time and even then the answer was sometimes difficult to deduce.

TDG (UK) Ltd identified that they needed a partner who could deliver a solution which would identify the areas of inefficiency, assist in quantifying the costs savings and demonstrate ways to improve the process.

The Solution

Geoplan and GeoAnalyser were selected for the powerful analysis and flexible design.

Configurable by the Geoplan team of experts, GeoAnalyser was appealing as it could be kept as a standard solution or transformed to become a bespoke solution as required.

Results were immediate for TDG (UK) Ltd and they were able to put forward quick and well justified recommendations on the basis of the analysis. The cost savings identified for the first client project were £500k with future projects forecast to rise over and above the £2 Million mark.

GeoAnalyser continues to support scenario planning for TDG (UK) Ltd and allows full connectivity to all enterprise databases. Complex calculations are carried out using a full suite of data analysis tools alongside.

The Benefits

  • Increased return on investment.
  • Reduced wastage.
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Considerable Time Savings

How we can help you?

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TDG (UK) Ltd is a European-based outsourced logistics service provider and supply chain management business. Employing around 6,500 people across 130 sites, the company is one of Europe’s largest logistics companies.

Geoplan Factfile

Sector: Distribution

Task: Resource Optimisation and Distribution Strategy

The Support provided by Geoplan has been brilliant and the solution has saved a significant amount of time. Real vehicle decisions have been made based on this work.
Roger White
Business Improvement Manager - TDG (UK) Limited

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