A combination of Consultancy and the build of a bespoke online Mapping and Scheduling tool.

The Problem

Tunstall came to us in January 2012 as they needed to be able to make the running of their services more efficient as part of a cost saving initiative within the business. They wanted to be able to increase productivity and balance resources effectively, by scheduling routes for their engineers and optimising their call cycles based on numerous variables.

The Approach

The proposed solution for this business problem was a combination of Consultancy and the build of a bespoke online Mapping and Scheduling tool.

It was put forwards that Geoplan Consultancy would assess the current situation and balance the workload by Service Area. The tool would then be provided going forwards to carry out day to day optimisation of appointments and route optimisation for daily schedules, based on a set of business rules. This would then aid in reducing planning time for the Scheduling team and improving efficiency of the Engineers.

The Outcome

We demonstrated our capabilities and exemplified the potential savings to Tunstall of over £1 million per annum. However, Tunstall decided to use their existing supplier based on a long term strategic view of their existing and future hardware supply. This is not a market that we are in and therefore could not compete like for like. Despite this, Tunstall Healthcare remained very impressed with our professionalism.

How we can help you?

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Tunstall was established in the UK in 1957 and is a market leading provider of telehealthcare solutions.

They employ over 2,000 people and operate in over 40 countries worldwide.

Tunstall provides fully integrated telecare and telehealth solutions for home assisted living.

They work with local authorities, health and social care commissioners, housing associations and charities to bring care into the home

Many thanks for your time, effort and professionalism with our case.
Mike Mason
CSC Manager

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