Geoplan have been selected by Google as specialist mapping software providers. Our solutions are based around the optimisation of Sites, Routes and Territories and we also provide bespoke online and mobile solutions leveraging our own technologies.
google_engage_with_customers.pngGoogle bring the scale and brand of Maps API which we leverage in our online mapping system, SKiN (Spatial Knowledge iNterface).

Using our SKiN online mapping system and optimiser tools we apply focus and specialism in the context of optimising people and assets.

google_make_better_decisions.pngTo deliver the Best Sites, Best Territories and Best Routes for your organisation, select the relevant Optimiser below to find out how we can deliver greater efficiency to your business..

site optimiser for SKiN

  • Identify new site locations
  • Review and predict site cannibalisation
  • Quantify market potential
  • Tailor for your business
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territory optimiser for SKiN

  • Identify the optimal number of territories
  • Balance workload
  • Identify optimal recruitment locations
  • Tailor for your business
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route optimiser for SKiN

  • Assign visits efficiently
  • Calculate optimal routes
  • Optimise return on investment
  • Tailor for your business
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