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Key Features & Benefits

  • Profile existing customer base.
  • Segment customers and rank by performance.
  • Latest Postcode geography (provided every six months or quarterly on request).
  • Identify the market at which you excel.
  • Identify market penetration.
  • Identify appropriate methods to serve your target market.
  • Ensure sales and marketing resource is deployed effectively.


Geoplan offers primary datasets required for the application of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in a business environment for global application.

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We can provide demographic data on a global scale, and have tried and tested methods of sourcing, checking, and creating this data. We can work with a number of different suppliers to bring you the best quality demographic data available for various countries.

For the UK, the 2001 Census Data, sourced from the three Census Offices representing the UK, is collated by Geoplan to provide the most cost-effective and accurate data sets at Postcode Sector and Output Area levels. Ideal for creating colour coded thematic maps of your territories and catchment areas.


Sourced from the major global information specialists, to provide the most up-to-date, accurate information available. Used to further enhance business development activities once the value of existing customer data has been exploited.


Sourced from global industry leaders in the field. The people classification data sets identify groupings of consumer behaviours for households and areas. For the UK, typically Census data is augmented with other available information, to profile consumers in terms of social demographics, lifestyle, culture and behaviour. Ideal for:

  • Identifying the market at which you excel.
  • Identifying market penetration.
  • Identifying appropriate methods to serve your target market.
  • Ensuring sales and marketing resource is displayed effectively.


Ideal for database applications, designed to provide a look-up between Postcodes and other forms of geography to assist in establishing relationships between otherwise non-relational databases, including drivetime, distance and adjacency.


In the UK, postal geography is the most common method of analysing and mapping corporate information for business users due to the almost universal knowledge of the Postcode by consumers and businesses alike. Many businesses hold postcoded address databases of their customers. The use of digital Postcode geography, allows the relationship between the customer and their geographic location to be established.

The Postcode Address File, or PAF, is the most up-to-date and complete address database in the UK, containing over 27 million addresses. PAF is an invaluable tool for creating and maintaining mailing-lists and databases, helping you to reduce the number of returned or undelivered items, sharpen your customer profiling, and improve customer satisfaction.


  • Latest Postcode geography (provided every six months or quarterly on request)
  • UK coverage: Includes England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Also includes the Channel islands, and also the Isle of Man providing extensive Postcode coverage.
  • Contains address details for every household in the UK including: Organisation, Sub-Building Name, Building Name, Building Number, Thoroughfare Name, locality, Posttown, County and Postcode.
  • Contains 27,000,000 premise level records (approximately) - Premise Level PAF only
  • 27,000,000 UK Addresses (approximately)
  • Contains 1,800,000 premise level records (approximately) - Postcode Level PAF only
  • 1,300,000 Organisation Names (approximately)
  • 180,000 Large Business Addresses (approximately)
  • 1,800,000 Postcodes (approximately)


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