Luxury Chocolate Company

Geoplan mapping and optimisation tools enabled the luxury chocolate company to right-size their field force and capture live field-data for performance monitoring.

The Problem

The luxury chocolate company contacted Geoplan to assist with field force management, call cycle planning, data capture and reporting across the field sales and merchandising team.

To assist with this, gathering a detailed understanding of the current territory structure and identifying pinch points across the network was vital, to ensure that the distribution of work could be efficiently allocated and balanced across the entire field sales team.

Similarly, it was also important that each field rep would be able to have an efficient call cycle plan, that adhered to specific call durations and visit frequencies of each customer account.

The company also required a solution that would allow the team to capture survey data in the field, based on the sales and merchandising of stock within each store, which could be reported against key KPIs to measure the performance of each sales rep and customer account.

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The Solution

Geoplan's SKiN Online Mapping Software with Territory Optimiser and Route Optimiser has enabled the luxury chocolate company to review demand against available capacity and create a balanced territory plan and subsequent call cycle plan based on:

- Stem & Inter-drop Drivetime.

- Visit Duration & Frequency.

The results of the call cycle plan are distributed to Geoplan’s Mobile solution, to enable each field rep to see their optimised route schedule and planned ETA for each customer account.

The field team are also able to complete customised survey’s using the Mobile, which is fed directly back into SKiN for reporting and analysis using Geoplan’s Dashboard solution.

The luxury chocolate company have been able to leverage our tools across their entire sales and merchandising lifecycle, to efficiently manage and optimise their field sales team.

The Benefits

Optimised existing sales territories with the ability to easily manage future changes within the system.

Easily distribute the call cycle plan to the field sales team.

Increased efficiency, through reducing drivetime and providing a more balanced workload for each sales rep.

Consistent approach to data capture and performance monitoring within the system.

Smooth transition from previous system to the Geoplan solution.