Create efficient sales territory structures and ensure operations are aligned to dealership or franchise catchments

A specialist solution

We have developed strategic and specific mapping solutions for use at Head Office, in the field and at individual franchises and dealerships. 

In some cases the systems have been designed to facilitate global analysis of dealer networks and sales trend information.

Create optimal sales territories

Geoplan can help you establish efficient sales territory structures and operations aligned to dealership and franchise catchments, defined by a client's own vehicle registration information.

This can be augmented by national registration data from organisations such as MCIA, or SMMT. 

A combination of the two elements paints a national picture and can help to identify regional market share, potential, overlap and areas of opportunity.

Key benefits

Establish efficient sales territory structures

Access augmented national registration data

Identify regional market share and areas of opportunity

Define local merchandising strategies.

Intelligent merchandising

Where relevant, the data can be used in conjunction with demographic profiling and competitor information to define local merchandising strategies, matching vehicle type and positioning with the catchment profile.

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