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Experience: Marketing Analysis

Geoplan’s suite of mapping software and data analysis tools can provide insight and answers.

Marketing Analysis overview

  • Profile customers
  • Gain insight to see which elements of a marketing campaign were most successful
  • Calculate ROI for your marketing efforts
  • Use analysis output for more informed decision-making

Marketing analysis solution

Gain insight regarding the ROI for your marketing campaign. You can then assess the elements that attract the most opportunities and conduct valuable analysis to facilitate decision-making.

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Measure Your Market

With an increasing drive towards integrated marketing and the contribution of the internet, it has become particularly difficult to measure marketing effectiveness and unravel which elements of a campaign were delivered. However, there is no substitute for good marketing planning, accurate targeting and careful coding to enable some degree of analysis.

This is particularly relevant when budget is deployed on a local or regional basis or where there is a pooled contribution from local branches or business units who feel that they never get their share of voice.

This is where Geoplan software come into it's own as it can be used to define relevant media coverage areas and fine-tune direct mail and door drop campaigns for a more targeted approach. Our experience has shown dramatic reductions in spend wastage and, as a consequence, improved application and return on funds employed.

Gain Full Insight

Marketing Analysis is used by Marketing and Operations departments throughout the world to reduce waste, give insight and identify the areas of a marketing campaign that offer the most opportunity and return.

The Geoplan approach can be applied to segment, identify and quantify target markets with powerful customer profiling systems. Geoplan’s geospatial tools, along with the latest Demographic and Census Data, will give you the insight you need to reduce marketing waste and identify market opportunities. Behaviours, traits and lifestyles among your target market can be analysed at a Postcode Unit Level to calculate market penetration and geodemographic segmentation. Customers and prospects can be grouped according to their demographics and identified via their Postcodes.

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Marketing Analysis

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