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Industry Sector: Franchising

We have a wealth of experience in the creation and development of successful franchise operations.


  • Improve operational efficiency – time and cost
  • Identify and reduce wastage in your current operation.
  • Reduce cost in inefficient areas.
  • Reduce resource required and save cost.
  • Identify areas of market potential to support expansion and growth.

Franchising solution

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to have both a firm grip on costs and a clear view of sales performance.

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Franchise Expansion

Depending on your business objectives or the challenges you are looking to overcome, there is a wide selection of Geoplan solutions that would be appropriate. We have more than 25 years experience in our field and can offer specialist knowledge, so whether you need a mapping, consultancy, or software based solution, you can be sure to trust our expertise. 

Why Geoplan?

At Geoplan we have extensive experience in working with Franchise businesses. We are confident that we can provide a sound long term strategic plan and support performance development as the franchise grows.

We have worked alongside franchise businesses of all sizes around the world and have tackled a wide range of issues in terms of performance, efficiency and business growth.

Our Experience

The following examples include real scenarios faced by our existing clients and the solutions we have used to solve their issues.

  • Franchise locations and territory planning
  • Site analysis and new site location
  • Market analysis
  • Sales performance analysis and improvement
  • Customer profiling
  • Door drop campaign planning
  • Route scheduling
Working with franchisors and franchisees at different levels of development and skill, our adaptable products and services range is particularly strong in this sector.

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