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Service and After Sales

Increasingly resource is overstretched and companies are being challenged to move away from fixed territory structures into a more dynamic work methods; flexing and re-mapping resource and coverage based on demand. This demands for systems to allow significant control, accuracy and flexibility. Combining Geoplan mapping with current operational databases and booking systems can provide an answer. For example, it enables operators to clearly see which engineer is closest to the customer location and in some cases provides three alternatives with distance and time to fix data.


Business Management Consultancy

We have a proven track record of providing effective and value-added business results. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive range of out-sourced services or a simple consultancy solution, our understanding of business problems can provide you with the necessary tools to audit, plan and monitor your business performance from a geographic standpoint. Our range of tools help businesses to facilitate strategic planning, analysis and ongoing operational management. Providing an accessible decision making framework that can be used on behalf of the client, or in support of your own sales and operational structures.

We have more than 25 years experience of working with consultancy-based SMEs, PLCs and multi-national organisations. By introducing spatial analysis into their business mix, we have added tremendous value for both the end client and the consulting organisation. Our approach delivers a different dimension to understanding complex trends and patterns hidden in data. So, whether you use our services for a one-off project or as permanent business solution, you rely on us to link your business to existing databases and systems, including SAP, ORACLE and Microsoft SQL.


GIS Bespoke Solutions

Our bespoke GIS solutions are available for raw data provision and bespoke Geographies, as well as fully customised mapping software systems. These generate the best results when used for strategic planning at head office in support of day-to-day operations, or used locally in the field to visualise, monitor and develop performance. Providing our clients with a clear and honest approach is key to our service. Our 25 years of experience with GIS has allowed our teams to hone the skills needed to provide a bespoke solution that meets your requirements and provides the high level of quality hands-on experience that generates positive business results. Our approach to GIS delivers a different dimension when trying to understand complex trends and patterns hidden in large amounts of data.

The ability to know 'what', 'where', 'how', 'why' and 'if' can be key in defining strategy and formulating business decisions. Depending on the type of objectives or issues you are looking to address, there are various Geoplan solutions available to fit your preferences. Some of the data and software projects we have produced for our clients have achieved:


Leisure Industry

With our understanding of catchment size, make-up, overlap and competitive activity, we have developed an array of core areas of expertise, including:



Business problems in the manufacturing industry are typically related to growth, cost saving or efficiency, and forced many businesses to re-engineer a shift towards operational improvements.  Our approach is geared towards getting the best return from the resource applied, adding a valued service to any restructural objectives with the overriding aim to consistently have the right amount of product or resource at the right time. With the aim of streamlining your operations, our tailored solutions can be used for strategic planning at head office, in support of day-to-day operations, or used locally in the field to visualise, monitor and develop performance.


Media and Publishing

The lifeblood of media success is advertising revenue, borne out of a good product delivered to an active and specific audience. It also relies heavily on accurate targeting, positioning and coverage. Geoplan delivers a system and information framework that assists in this positioning, development, sales and subsequent distribution and operation of a given media type. Accountability is everything and the deployment of Geoplan systems facilitates a clear understanding of performance and provides customers with the tools to present a compelling case to any audience. Geoplan have a proven track record of being able to understand the business problems in your sector, provide effective solutions to those problems and demonstrate value add to every organisation we have worked with.

Depending on the type of objectives or issues you are looking to address, there are various Geoplan solutions that would be appropriate. The following examples include real scenarios faced by our existing clients and the solutions we have used to answer their issues and the resulting benefits achieved, in Media and other industries.

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