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Industry Sector: Leisure

At Geoplan we have extensive experience working with businesses in the Food Retail and Leisure sectors.


  • Site Analysis and New Site Location
  • Market Analysis
  • Territory Planning and Site Catchment Analysis
  • Route Scheduling
  • In-store Delivery Service Planning
  • Door Drop Campaign Planning
  • Mapping Handyman
  • CRM - Database Integrated Solutions

Leisure solution

We are confident that whether you are looking to reduce cost or increase revenue, we have a solution that would benefit.

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Leisure Experience

With our understanding of catchment size, make-up, overlap and competitive activity, we have developed an array of core areas of expertise, including:

  • Site location, selection and closure
  • Performance management
  • Merchandise and in-store promotional planning
  • Delivery zone planning and catchment analysis.

Why Geoplan

Depending on the type of objectives or issues you are looking to address, there are various Geoplan solutions that would be appropriate.

We have over 25 years of experience working with global mapping solutions, and provide our customers with a consistently high level of service. We work strongly to build relationships that allow innovation and ensure the best results. We are therefore confident that we can provide a solution that meets and exceeds your requirements.

We put a strong emphasis in all our solutions on consultancy and training to ensure effectiveness of the selected solution and deliver a personal service throughout.


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