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Industry Sector: Media & Publishing

We have worked with owners, agents and advertisers in this important sector.

Media and Publishing

  • Development of bespoke mapping systems for point of sale.
  • Specific door to door implementation systems.
  • Large scale sales resource deployment.
  • Product sales planning systems.

Media and Publishing solution

We are confident that whether you are a Media Owner, Agent or Advertiser that is looking to reduce cost or increase revenue, we have a solution that would benefit.

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Media and Publishing Experience

The lifeblood of media success is advertising revenue, borne out of a good product delivered to an active and specific audience. It also relies heavily on accurate targeting, positioning and coverage.

Geoplan delivers a system and information framework that assists in this positioning, development, sales and subsequent distribution and operation of a given media type. Accountability is everything and the deployment of Geoplan systems facilitates a clear understanding of performance and provides customers with the tools to present a compelling case to any audience.

Geoplan have a proven track record of being able to understand the business problems in your sector, provide effective solutions to those problems and demonstrate value add to every organisation we have worked with.

Geoplan Solutions and Investment Levels

Depending on the type of objectives or issues you are looking to address, there are various Geoplan solutions that would be appropriate.

The following examples include real scenarios faced by our existing clients and the solutions we have used to answer their issues and the resulting benefits achieved, in Media and other industries.

  • Market, sales and trend Analysis (Media Owner)
  • Sales support (Media Owner)
  • Door drop campaign planning (Agency)
  • Territory planning and site catchment analysis
  • Campaign building and management (Agency)
  • Distribution planning and optimisation (Media Owner / Distributor)

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