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Industry Sector: Service & After Sales

Geoplan helps organisations in the Services After Sales sector by combining mapping with current operational data and booking systems.

Service and After Sales

    • Control, accuracy and flexibility.
    • Efficient management of holidays, sick and absence cover.
    • Provide alternatives with distance and time.

Service and After Sales solution

We have a proven track record of being able to understand business problems in your sector, provide effective solutions to those problems and demonstrate value add to every organisation we have worked with.

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Service and After Sales Experience

Increasingly resource is overstretched and companies are being challenged to move away from fixed territory structures into a more dynamic work methods; flexing and re-mapping resource and coverage based on demand.

This demands for systems to allow significant control, accuracy and flexibility. Combining Geoplan mapping with current operational data bases and booking systems can provide an answer. For example, it enables operators to clearly see which engineer is closest to the customer location and in some cases provides three alternatives with distance and time to fix data. 

Why Geoplan?

We have had much experience with many organisations within the Service and After Sales sector. These companies range from SMEs, to PLCs and multi-national organisations.

We have helped various businesses from an array of industries to improve the cost of resource, the amount of disrupted time due to emergency call, improved schedules and improved holiday, sick and absence cover management.

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