Geoplan work with a number of organisations in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Experience

Geoplan is experienced in the use of all relevant operational geographies and pooled data within the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare marketplace. Working closely with the leading provider of market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, we have maintained our knowledge and understanding of the industry.

Our geospatial solutions add significant value to the re-structuring process and aim to always consistently have the right amount of resource at the right time. In our experience, the benefits of using desktop and online based Geoplan mapping solutions, supported by our experienced consultants, will outweigh any initial investment and are often offset by immediate return in terms of waste reduction.

  • Online systems in support of Sales Analysis and Improvement
  • Sales Performance Analysis and Improvement
  • Territory based Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Route Scheduling and Visit Planning
  • Mapping Handyman
  • CRM – Database Integrated Solutions
  • Bespoke Interface – System Development

Geoplan Solutions and Investment Levels

Whether the appropriate solution for your business needs is Consultancy, or based on mapping software, we have over 25 years experience in the provision of geospatial intelligence systems and can offer specialist experience and knowledge to your business in a number of core areas.

Why Geoplan?

Getting a product, service or message to a target destination is the backbone of our work and fundamental to this is the use of global coverage solutions. We have significant experience in the development of systems of all sizes, designed to enable accurate, timely and cost efficient delivery, linking to a variety of databases and systems including SAP, ORACLE, ERP and Business Information Systems. Our solutions are used by many of the major players in the industry, across a broad user base from system experts through to read only viewers of our solutions.

How we can help you

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