Geoplan are proud to work alongside an increasing number of global organisations and we are unsurprisingly well versed in the rewards and inevitable challenges of using global geography to solve business problems.

Tuesday 27th March 2012

We have significant experience dealing with inconsistencies in the type of data available, connectivity issues, data granularity and deployment challenges; across a broad range of industries.

A recent example of our work can be seen with the Fast Food Industry. We have worked with Yum Restaurants International in particular for over 15 years and hold an unblemished record providing effective solutions to assist with Market Planning.

Site selection, optimisation and score carding approaches are being applied with increasing regularity, as a way of establishing the best location for Fast Food outlets. Organisations use the approach to determine likely growth and projected performance. Geoplan systems and expertise are therefore used to;

Plot current store Trade Zones to understand market coverage and profile.
Create potential outlet Trade Zones in areas not currently covered.
Assess feasibility of potential sites and understand make-up of area by using Demographic data such as population, wealth, social grade etc.
Competitor, Key generator and traffic flow data is overlaid.
Enabling users to visualise and calculate potential cannibalisation with other outlets.
We are pleased to confirm that our success with the above and the long established relationships with the UK, Ireland and Australia; took us to Dehli recently. We were delighted to be invited to attend a brand building conference in Dehli in January 2012 and Managing Director John Taylor and Account Manager Jennifer Blake were there on the day.


The purpose was to outline and discuss the merits of market mapping and GIS with the 30 strong business development heads in attendance. Key personnel from markets such as Latin America, Russia, Caribbean, Germany and Thailand were present and we are excited about the new developments on the horizon.

Geoplan has worked closely with the Market Planning Team for the last 15 years, providing us with our mapping software and all the data that goes with it. The service, help and support that Geoplan consistently provides, demonstrates their great customer focus. No request ever seems too much trouble and is dealt with professionally and with great enthusiasm. A huge thanks to all the team for your support- your expertise makes my job so much easier!

Kate Saxton
Marketing Planning Manager- Yum! Restaurants Australia

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