The new R50 Postcode Release of the Postal Address File will be released shortly and will replace the R49 release of September 2009.

Friday 7th May 2010

Data updates coming soon

Product creation is due start in May through to July, with dispatch to start from June through to August. This release sees no major Postcode Sector Changes, with some Non Geographic Postcode Sector Changes included.

Geoplan has also announced increased production on a number of products from bi-annual to quarterly. These updates will be update provided at no extra cost, and include Geopoint XT, Geoplan XT Postcode Sector Boundaries, and Geoplan XT Postcode boundaries.

In addition, Geoplan XT Boundaries are now supplied with Geopoint XT as standard, and has the added benefit of improved boundary Accuracy for BT Postcode Area.

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