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Several team members across several departments have been adding more qualifications and skills to their CV, securing further high level professional qualifications.

Team development 2009

Wednesday 30th December 2009

At Geoplan, we are proud of our Company and our Team. We understand that our people are key to achieving our aims and we are committed to ensuring Geoplan is an excellent place to work. Our commitment to our staff is as strong as our commitment to customer care and to quality.

We look for people who have a strong sense of commitment and whose values and goals are aligned to ours. People who have a positive, proactive approach and a desire to succeed thrive in our environment. We want people to enjoy what they do and fulfill their potential.

I am pleased to say we have more than lived up these aims during this difficult year. Team members in Accounts, Business Support, Account Management, Software Development and the Management Team, have all succeeded in adding to their substantial skills, securing further high level professional qualifications. In some cases people have achieved an astounding 100% perfect result.

In all cases our people are better equipped, such that technical ability, product quality and customer service will benefit.