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The Drivetime tables provide the driving time between the centroids of each Postcode Sector with a maximum sector list time of 120 minutes driving. This data set is ideal for sales territory analysis, retail planning and service applications.



Source – Geoplan  

Recency – Updated quarterly

Geographical Coverage and Accuracy – UK

Projection – N/A

Available Formats – Text file (.txt)

Layer Type – N/A - Text file

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Derived from Geoplan’s Pro Sector/District boundaries, which are the most precise postcode geography products on the market

Updated quarterly

Ideal for sales territory analysis, retail planning and service applications

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License type - Perpetual

Update frequency – Quarterly

This data set is ideal for sales territory analysis, retail planning and service applications.

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Recognition of Inland Water

Inland water bodies are not included as 'holes' in Geoplan boundaries, although there are four exceptions - Loch of Strom on Shetland, Loch Lomond in Scotland, Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland and Strangford Sea Loch, also in Northern Ireland, which has been made into a closed Loch.

Where Postcode sectors occur close to inland waters the sector boundary runs along the centre of the water body. Alternatively, if settlements alongside the lake/loch have different postal sectors because or their accessibility/relative distances to postal delivery offices the sector may cut across the water body to accommodate this. Postcode Boundaries often follow man-made and natural features, but are not intended to represent them.

Recognition of Inland Water

Coastline Source

Larger estuaries such as the Firth of Tay and Forth, Tyne, Thames and Exe are included in Geoplan boundaries, although not necessarily up to their tidal limit. Geoplan often cuts across smaller estuaries, although on some a small inlet may be shown to gain a general outline of the coast.

Coastline Source

Postcode Source

The Drivetime tables are calculated to the centroid location of each Postcode District or Sector boundary. Therefore the Drivetimes that are provided in the table only include Geographic Postcodes. Any Non Geographic Postcode cannot be calculated accurately and is not included in the database.

Postcode Source

Isle of Man

The Geoplan product also contains the Isle of Man Sectors IM1 0, IM2 0, IM3 0 and IM8 0, but do not actually exist as real codes. This is because, although the extents of the Districts IM1, IM2, IM3 and IM8 are known, the boundaries of the Sectors within them cannot be determined. No maps exist at the Isle of Man Post Office which show these Sectors, so the non-existent Sectors listed above were created by Geoplan to take their place.

Isle of Man

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