UK News Plan Media Boundaries

UK media information has been sourced by Geoplan from recognised research bodies to provide the definitive view of media activity in the UK.

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Key features

Provide the definitive view of media activity in the UK.

TV Plan, News Plan, and Radio Plan available.

Used for all market analysis applications, including direct marketing, retail planning and media analysis.

Integrate with data to display trends and patterns within media areas.

Identify media coverage throughout the UK.

Geographic searching.


Geoplan provide the following data in the form of digital boundaries and postcode look-up tables to provide a comprehensive range of products for all media applications:

TV Plan - includes ITV BARB and ISBA boundaries

News Plan - includes local newspaper boundaries

Radio Plan - includes local independent radio boundaries and local BBC radio boundaries

Data updated quarterly.

News plan

Boundaries and Postcode Sector tables defining the coverage of local free and paid for newspapers, including delivery frequency.

Coverage areas of all newspapers.

Standard formats available: T2K (Tactician), TAB (MapInfo), SHAPE (ArcView) and CSV *

Data is supplied with OSGB map projection.*

*Alternative formats and map projections are available for an additional cost, upon request.

£ Price on application

How to buy

To purchase one of our data packs, please call one of our account managers on01423 569538