There are a number of optional add ons for SKiN Mapping software to help optimise sites, routes and territories along with advanced workflow management, mobile and dashboard access.

Identify the best new site locations, optimal number of territories or calculate optimal routes, reducing time and cost. Whatever your requirement, SKiN is available for a range of pricing options & countries, and comes with UK Postcode & Demographic Data as standard with 50 data packs available for countries around the world.


site optimiser
for SKiN

The site optimiser automatically assesses your existing site network to identify the key drivers for increased sales performance.

territory optimiser
for SKiN

The territory optimiser can be used to calculate the optimal number of territories to service your market and balance workload to increase efficiency.

route optimiser
for SKiN

The route optimiser has been designed to ensure the lowest cost solution in the delivery of goods or the movement of field personnel.

SKiN Dashboard

SKiN Dashboard allows you to create a bespoke executive summary of your business performance. This view is fed by up to date information and alerts from the core SKiN system and activities in the field.

SKiN Mobile

SKiN Mobile has been designed to get work schedules in the hands of field operatives or drivers to assist in navigation to a given site and to facilitate confirmation of site arrival, enhancement of site details and access to reference materials.

SKiN Workflows

SKiN Workflows provide a method of automating your own existing processes, minimising the impact of change when introducing SKiN into your business.

We have found Geoplan GeoAnalyser to be a great mapping tool. It makes the assigning of customers to Local Business Units easy, and the various types of information visible become easy to understand geographically, particularly segmentation of our customer base.

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