Deploy your own workflows as simple, repeatable steps designed and deployed within SKiN.

SKiN Workflows can be used to: customise your use of the system to mirror your own way of working; focus on the output you need rather than how it is created; speed up deployment and bank knowledge in easy, repeatable steps; and more…


SKiN Workflows provide a method of automating your own existing processes, minimising the impact of change when introducing SKiN into your business.

Key Features

Leverage the knowledge banked by using SKiN Workflows, so output can be generated quickly and efficiently.

How to Buy

Geoplan offers SKiN Workflows as a customisable toolkit, allowing us to tailor the inputs, process and outputs to meet the specific requirements of your team or your clients.

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Geoplan’s product suite can help you quickly realise the hidden power of your data - allowing you to locate and visualise customer catchments, identify new sales opportunities and reduce costly waste.

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Geoplan have proved to be reliable, skilled, fast, cost effective and right first time.

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