Identify the right number of territories and balance workload to increase efficiency.

The territory optimiser can be used to: identify how many field territories you need to service your market; right-size your field force; minimise travelling time; identifying locations to recruit; balance workload; and more.


The primary goal of the Territory Optimiser is to both establish the field force required for a new market or right-size and balance workload to service an existing market as efficiently as possible.

Key Features

The Territory Optimiser can be used to identify the optimal resource with the goal of right-sizing your field force.

How to Buy

Territory Optimiser is available as an ‘add-on’ module to the SKiN online mapping system or as a standalone custom solution.

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Geoplan’s products and services can help you quickly realise the hidden power of your data - allowing you to locate and visualise customer catchments, identify new sales opportunities and reduce costly waste.

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The system is intuitive, the maps are aesthetically pleasing and we can always call support if we need to. We also have access to a wealth of demographic data which adds significant value.

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