Mapping can make planning, organising and problem solving more effective than ever before.

SKiN is a cloud-based online mapping system designed to deliver best sites, routes and territories, and can be applied to a variety of businesses. Use to identify areas of opportunity, difficulty, overlap, potential, competition and waste. SKiN is available for a range of pricing options & countries, and comes with UK Postcode & Demographic Data as standard with 50 data packs available for countries around the world.

Overview - SKiN mapping software

SKiN is an online mapping tool, which uses the Google map base to provide powerful, interactive global mapping capabilities.

Visualise locations with map pins

SKiN allows you to visualise locations on a map using map pins, giving you the ability to identify prospective sites and new market opportunities.

Create catchment areas around locations

SKiN gives you the capacity to create catchments and analyse what falls within them, quickly and easily.

Create thematic (hot-spot) maps

Use your data to help evaluate market performance and penetration, and determine possible opportunities for growth.

Create and manage territories

SKiN can be used to create and manage territories, and give instant feedback on what territory any given location falls within.

Training and Support

Take advantage of the suite of SKiN support materials, designed to ensure you get up and running as quickly as possible.

Geoplan Spatial Knowledge Interface - designed to be easy to access and use, this system will provide benefit to all businesses...

Free Trial £0

Need to decide? Have a 7 day free trial of the SKiN Mapping Software

  • View, Edit and Share: interactive map views / projects with colleagues
  • Import data; as pins, hotspots, catchments and territories
  • Export data: as tables, reports, maps and charts
  • Search, Query and Jump to: locate and highlight more information on the map
  • Measure: distances / coverate - straight line, radial, or hand drawn

key benefits

  • Find: new customers & identify sales opportunities
  • Optimise: and balance field team performance, workload, opportunity
  • Identify: locate and manage site locations and human resources
  • Improve: territory performance

Monthly £50

Access the SKiN Mapping Software on a month by month basis.

  • Create, Select and Edit: catchments, territories - hand drawn radial or travel time
  • Produce: pin and hotspot maps - classified by size, shape, colour
  • Allocate and Balance: workload across territories
  • Attach: photos, documents, videos to the map
  • Google World Map base

key benefits

  • Build, manage and analyse: sales or franchisee territories
  • Understand: competition and business drivers
  • Plan: marketing campaigns
  • Quantify: potential markets

Annually £500

Access the SKiN Mapping Software for the next 12 months.

  • UK Data Pack including the following as standard:
  • UK Postcode Area, District & Sector Boundaries
  • UK Postcode Unit Points
  • Local Authority Boundaries
  • County Boundaries
  • Census Demographic Data
  • Traveltime

key benefits

  • Share: business insights, quickly
  • Access: maps and data from wherever you are
  • Provide: users with an up to date and common view of business data
  • Connect: office, call centre and field users
  • Assess: gaps, overlaps, conflicts & areas of opportunity

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