Mapping can make planning, organising and problem solving more effective than ever before


SKiN is a cloud-based online mapping system designed to deliver best sites, routes and territories, and can be applied to a variety of businesses. Use to identify areas of opportunity, difficulty, overlap, potential, competition and waste. SKiN is available for a range of pricing options & countries, and comes with UK Postcode & Demographic Data as standard with all 50 data packs available for countries around the world.

  • Clear workflows to quickly generate required outputs.
  • Share map views, data and charts with colleagues, using read-only logins.
  • Control user access through permissions - coverage, data, functionality, interactivity and time.
  • Easily import, visualise and analyse data.
  • Produce reports and export data.
  • Access data and software updates quickly and easily.
  • UK Data Pack Included as Standard

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The system is intuitive, the maps are aesthetically pleasing and we can always call support if we need to. We also have access to a wealth of demographic data which adds significant value.

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