Revolutionise the way that you cost, plan, implement and control door-drop mail marketing campaigns.

Geoplan StreetFinder mapping software has been developed specifically for the door-to-door distribution industry and has been designed in consultation with leading businesses in the field. Our careful and extensive study of existing practices and workflows highlighted the opportunity to improve the standard and efficiency of the current approach and save money at the same time.


Geoplan StreetFinder mapping software has been developed specifically for the door-to-door distribution industry and has been designed in consultation with leading businesses in the field.

Key Features

Discover the key features that make StreetFinder help distributors plan, cost and implement street-level door-drop delivery rounds quickly and easily.

Core Map & Data

Find out more about the core map and data components that are provided with the StreetFinder mapping software package.

StreetFinder - Simple to use, up to date, accurate and cost effective...

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  • Link delivery round creation, address selection, map production, job costing and client presentation material together, creating a seamless process that generates all the information and outputs necessary to secure, plan, cost, implement and control the job.
  • Improve the quality of the map and report output for use at point of sale, in planning and in the field.
  • Improve accuracy by using constantly up-to-date information that can easily be viewed alongside street level map bases. Thus reducing print and distribution costs for all stakeholders involved in the process.

key benefits

  • Very easy to use, no training required.
  • Excellent user support.
  • Available for monthly rental or annual license.
  • Updated bi-annually.

Monthly £498

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  • Improve targeting with reference to residential and business counts, supported by penetration figures for dwelling type and tenure.
  • Save time and money by automating the process and removing the need for laborious manual report production, data cutting, map drawing and production.
  • Improve filing and audit trail by producing and saving all project work in digital form.

key benefits

  • Interrogate streets and refine those for inclusion within the door-drop delivery round.
  • Calculate costs of door-to-door leaflet-drop activity.
  • Draw, write and add images onto the map.

Annually £1,995

Access StreetFinder for the next 12 months

  • Ensure all map and data outputs are accurate, produced to a high standard and are reproduced legally by adhering to map and data supplier copyright.
  • Improve validation and transparency of distribution by implementing GPS tracking functionality. Providing easy to read information on location, date and time of a given agent and delivery.
  • Delivers benefits to all stakeholders in the supply chain, including commissioning companies, agencies, distributors and advertisers. Saving distribution and print waste which translates into cost and resource savings.

key benefits

  • Select the streets that you wish to interrogate on the map or in the table view.
  • Switch map layers on and off.
  • UK map coverage to street level is updated and supplied every 12 months.
  • Alternative optional map backcloths.

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Geoplan’s product suite can help you quickly realise the hidden power of your data - allowing you to locate and visualise customer catchments, identify new sales opportunities and reduce costly waste.

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We have found Geoplan GeoAnalyser to be a great mapping tool. It makes the assigning of customers to Local Business Units easy, and the various types of information visible become easy to understand geographically, particularly segmentation of our customer base.

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