For your business, our consultants can assist you with sales territory management and realignment, market planning, retail analysis and site selection.

We offer our experience in systems development and data analysis where in-house systems are not appropriate. You may have clean and accessible information, but lack the tools to conduct the appropriate analysis. Or, you may simply require a quick answer to a pressing business issue, but lack the resource. Whatever the requirement, Geoplan provides analysis support services in a range of business areas. Our Business Analysis knowledge focuses around Sites, Routes and Territories for which we have built specific tools to conduct this analysis.

Market assessment

Built upon a foundation of marketing expertise, Geoplan excels in the provision of market analysis including:

  • Customer profiling exercises by product, value and channel to identify key characteristics of your most profitable customers.
  • Market share and penetration analysis to identify new areas of opportunity and existing threats.
  • Prospect targeting and allocation to appropriate sales channels.
  • Area profiling to determine the potential for a particular product or service in a given catchment area or geographic territory.
  • Analysis of return on investment and effort to assess areas of waste, inefficency, or high performance.

Route Scheduling

A mobile workforce requires effective routing of your resource to the customer or prospect, and optimised schedules in terms of call cycle to ensure efficiency.

These activities are driven by SLAs and targets to increase existing sales into the existing client base and/or new markets.

Geoplan supports the application of optimised routes using our Route Optimiser:

  • Calculate optimal routes, reducing time and cost
  • Allocate visits and deliveries to best resource
  • Maximise no. of visits and deliveries possible
  • Streamline transport costs

Retail analysis

Site selection and evaluation is of paramount importance to any retailer due to the potentially high cost of mistakes.

Factors to determine the viability of a retail store can include the demographic or business profile of the target area, assessment of competitors, evaluation of potential drivers, access routes, traffic volumes by time of day. Our Site Optimiser has been developed for this exact analysis.

Working in partnership we can assist in:

  • New site selection.
  • Existing site performance.
  • Network planning, avoidance of cannibalisation, mergers and acquisitions.

Sales territory management

Specialising in the provision of our Territory Optimiser for sales territory management, Geoplan offers extensive expertise to support your sales activity:

  • Balancing field sales workload and opportunities through territory optimisation to achieve minimal time travelling and maximum time in front of customers.
  • Sales gap analysis and targeting of new areas of opportunity to optimise use of sales time and return on activity.
  • Sales performance analysis to assess the success of sales and marketing.

How we can help you?

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