Geoplan development services deliver custom desktop, online and mobile mapping applications created to fit your exact needs.

For more sophisticated requirements, Geoplan offers full application development services whereby a mapping-enabled application is created to fit the customer’s exact needs. The application will have a user interface that is tailored for the intended audience and will include functionality that supports the customer’s business aims.

Geoplan works to extremely high development standards, is Microsoft accredited and is one of only 1,500 software houses in the UK that has achieved TickIT status, an extension of ISO 9001/2000. You can be assured that our work is accurate, well managed, well documented and most importantly delivered to standard, on time and on budget.


The application can be delivered desktop, online or mobile. The application will be focussed on key workflows and business goals, requiring minimal training. Integration with line-of-business applications and databases is also possible. A range of solutions include:

  • Link to enterprise systems such as SAP, ORACLE or SQL, or feed from Excel, CSV or Access.
  • Delivered to desktop, thin client or web.
  • Integration with and delivery through third party interfaces.
  • We generate code in .Net managed code and ASP .Net on IIS.
  • System functionality and interface are tailored made to a company, department or individual.
  • We provide complete technical and user documentation, training and full support.


Large remote-user base e.g. field sales personnel, call centre applications.


  • Reduced time to produce output.
  • Focus on interpretation not output.
  • Skills transfer, ease of rollout to wider user base
  • Minimise training time and cost.
  • Rapid deployment.
  • Reflects current mode of working.
  • Minimise change management.
  • Minimise user error.
  • Control output style and quality.
  • Easy to modify or upgrade.
  • Multiple interface from one code set.


SKiN API allows developers to bypass the user interface for Geoplan mapping software, and bring data into the system automatically.

SKiN API provides a way to automate the flow of GIS information across your business, and is free to access for developers using Geoplan Mapping Software. SKiN API currently supports Map pins and Catchment layer types, whilst Hot Spots and Territories will be added in the near future. GIS feature data can be imported into SKiN in a variety of ways:

Key Features

  • To support automated import/export of data to/from SKiN.
  • To support increased data import/export formats, including - KML, CSV, GeoJSON, KMZ and Excel
  • To import, storage and display of external meta-snippets( e.g. HTML, Images).
  • Performance improvements to increase the current data import limit for map pins.

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