SKiN Workflows

SKiN Workflows provide a method of automating your own existing processes and minimising the impact of change when introducing SKiN into your business.

What does it do?

SKiN Workflows allow you to distil a manual process or task into simple, repeatable steps, saving you countless hours which could be better used.

Workflows can be designed and deployed within SKiN, supported by bespoke user guides and training as required.

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Minimise the impact of change to the business

Overlaps between existing and new workflows can be seamlessly blended using SKiN Workflows to minimise impact of change to your business.

With enterprise deployments, SKiN Workflows allows users to adopt a unified way of working across nationwide and worldwide business operations.

SKiN Workflows can be used to:

Customise your use of the system to mirror your own way of working

Focus on the output you need rather than how it is created

Speed up deployment and bank knowledge in easy, repeatable steps

Improve adoption speed with SKiN API

SKiN Workflows allow for the creation of bespoke workflows within the SKiN system which can take feeds from other existing sources.

When used in conjunction with SKiN API, Workflows enables the user to produce standardised maps and reports from your own data housed in or ORACLE. 

Your workflows are therefore repeatable, quick and always up to date.

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Tailored to your business

Our experienced team of consultants will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure the perfect blend of your business knowledge and our spatial optimisation expertise.

Geoplan create, host and service all of our solutions, and can also integrate your optimisation tool with both our online mapping system and any of your existing tools or databases.

Features and benefits

Homogenise map and reporting output for enterprise businesses

Simplify the manual process

Bank existing knowledge and skills in easy, repeatable formats

Remove costly and manual preparation excercises from your workflows

Improve the speed of adoption

Minimise the impact of change to the business

Find out more

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