Our Business Analysis knowledge focuses around Sites, Routes and Territories for which we have built specific tools to conduct this analysis

Geoplan’s product suite covers an array of business requirements. We understand that every business has individual needs when it comes to data, analysis and mapping. SKiN is available for a range of pricing options & countries, and comes with UK Postcode & Demographic Data as standard with 50 data packs available for countries around the world.


Through our consultancy service we can provide you with an approach tailored to your specific requirements. We have a proven track record that demonstrates our solutions will help save time, reduce costs and eliminate waste.

custom software

SKiN is a cloud-based online mapping system designed to deliver best sites, routes and territories, and can be applied to a variety of businesses. Use to identify areas of opportunity, difficulty, overlap, potential, competition and waste.

custom data

We specialise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), database management, software development and sales / marketing consultancy. And our unique portfolio of skills allows the Geoplan team to provide a bespoke consultancy solution that meets your data requirements.

The service that has been provided by Geoplan has always been extremely professional. Any technical support issues that have arisen have always been resolved promptly, even when the support has been of a bespoke nature.

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